About Us

Protecting ICT Environment with A Comprehensive Combination of Technology, Experience and Experts.

In a society in which all manner of things are connected to the Internet and the real world and cyber world are become blended, addressing cyber security is a social requirement and a must.

ENKRIPA helps to achieve an information society that is friendly to humans by providing safe, secure, and comfortable environments in the cyber world.

ENKRIPA is strengthening its information, technology, and personnel by working together with society to provide secure cyber space. We look IoT era ahead and promote a secure development and operations.

Comprehensive information and Communication Technology (ICT) Vendor

As a comprehensive information and communications technology (ICT) vendor, ENKRIPA has developed a broad portfolio of hardware and software products. We also have an extensive lineup of solution offerings for many different businesses that are based on our experience and know- how in constructing systems, networks, and providing operations support.

It is because we understand the work styles of our customers and have been constructing ICT environments for many years that we can succeed in reducing security risks.

Our Journey